And when considering features like split-screen multitasking and just being able to drag and drop content between apps,Tech news  it all brings the experience a little closer to a laptop that is up until you're quickly reminded that it's not because of the familiarity. I found myself reaching for a trackpad or wireless mouse way more than I really wanted to and iOS has. Lack of. Support for cursor control reduces the experience to just switch in between your keyboard finger and the pencil, and it all just feels inefficient at times.
You know it's just that. I need to be able to navigate iOS a lot faster, just like we can on a desktop class computer, and you just don't get that kind of speed using an iPad, which is why it's still in its very own category of devices. Now I know I did say it won't be replacing my macbook pro for obvious reasons and some instances it does so. I found myself spending more time on the iPad when it came to just regular web browsing, doing online shopping, pulling up YouTube articles.
I can do all of that without having to come to my setup and power on my macbook pro or having to detach the macbook pro from the setup. I can now use the iPad pro instead now I will admit, though the iOS files app is becoming a more like finder for Mac. I just feel that iOS needs to increase their support for more file types, because in the meantime, you might find yourself having to rely on third-party apps from the App Store to open certain file types.
I like how the integration of iCloud drive behaves like apples very own Dropbox, and when combined with airdrop and apples continuity features like the ability to continue a Google Chrome tab. That'S on my Mac and pick it up in Safari on the iPad in real time is a seamless experience. That'S really hard to compete with all right so now, according to benchmarks and all these charts, the iPad pro can outperform a MacBook Pro, which is you know, it's a cool stats, a show-off, but I like to live off practicality instead and while you can edit articles On the iPad, using apps like luma fusion and premiere rush, they're, both cool showcases of its power, but I just feel as one of those hey look what I can do kind of things.
I just don't believe that iOS is the right software for the professional world. I mean I couldn't even get it to read my USB C SSD and for whatever that reason, is it's just not a good look for a proclaim, the laptop replacement. You won't find me editing articles on an iPad. I believe the iPad needs its own custom software. A flexible software that allows for the connection of peripherals such as wireless Mouse's or graphic tablets that will take your productivity to the next level.
Now, if Apple were to do that and let's say throw in Thunderbolt 3 into their next future, iPads then I'll. Take the iPad a little more serious, but until then you're still just looking at an iPad. However, while the iPad pro isn't on the boat to be capable regardless, I find that it works well as a wireless third monitor for my setup, so using a spotify connect. I can use my iPad as a remote to control the Spotify playback from my macbook pro it's easier, faster and hey.
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